Cotton Fill Quilts Coverlets

BALTIC-LINEN-Floral-Blue-100-Cotton-Quilt-Set-FullQueen-0This natural fiber is one of the most popular materials used in quilt batting because it’s lightweight and breathable. If you find a quilt that you like on Wayfair and it uses cotton batting, then you’ll quickly find that it’s great to use for any season. Quilts that are made with cotton batting can be placed in the washing machine and dryer, making them a great choice if you have children or pets at home. Over time, cotton batting will soften and give your quilt a natural, lived-in look.
Staying warm during the winter is a lot easier when you have a cozy quilt or coverlet to curl up with and a cup of hot chocolate. Since quilts are filled with insulated batting, they’ll keep you warm while sleeping at night or relaxing on the sofa in cold temperatures. On Wayfair, you’ll find quilts made with everything from cotton to linen. Shop our wide selection of quilts for sale. With our left-hand navigation, we make it easy to find the right quilt or coverlet for your home. We’ve put together this buying guide to help you find a quilt or quilt set that will keep you warm and match your home décor.
If you are looking for a heavier quilt to rest on your lap or curl up with in bed, then you may want to look for a quilt or coverlet filled with polyester batting. Polyester does not allow as much air in as other materials, so it’s perfect for the cold winter months when you benefit from insulated fabrics. These fibers are great at maintaining their shape, regardless of the number of times it’s placed in the washer or dryer. If you plan on using your quilt as wall art, then the firm polyester fibers will help to preserve its shape and color for a long time.
Most bamboo batting is combined with lightweight cotton to give the quilt lift and soft drape. Since bamboo grows faster than many other fibers, this type of batting is more environmentally sustainable than other options. The softness of bamboo makes it ideal for a casual lap or sofa quilt. Bamboo batting ultimately works best if you’re looking for a spring or summer quilt or coverlet that is both lightweight and made from sustainable fibers.
Most of the Cotton Fill Quilts Coverlets you’ll find on our site are made from quilter’s weight cotton. This 100% natural material features stylish patterns and prints for any type of décor. One of the greatest benefits of quilter’s weight cotton is that the colors are less likely to bleed. The highest-quality quilter’s weight cotton has minimal shrinking, so your quilt won’t get smaller after each wash. Most of the fabric used in cotton quilts is prewashed, so it arrives smooth and malleable.

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